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Prime Minister Dr Golob at ceremonial presentation of certificates of Engineering Academy of Slovenia

The Prime Minister, Dr Robert Golob, attended a ceremony to award membership certificates to new full, associate, and affiliate members of the Slovenian Academy of Engineering. The membership certificates were awarded to 31 distinguished Slovenian and foreign engineers who contribute to the progress of society with their knowledge.

In his address, the Prime Minister stressed that Slovenians are an exceptional nation of outstanding individuals in various fields, of which engineering is one: “Although Slovenians have a history of significant global inventions in the field of engineering, we, as a society, are not sufficiently aware of this.” The Prime Minister emphasised that we need to start creating a critical mass of knowledge by bringing together different institutions – research, higher education, innovative companies, and large companies that have specific experience in operating innovative technologies.

Technological innovation brings a better quality of life for people and enables more efficient production, improves services, and creates new opportunities for businesses, which translates into more jobs, increased productivity or added value, greater competitiveness on the global market and, as a result, higher economic growth for the country. The Government is, therefore, taking various measures to facilitate the high-quality development of higher education, promote the transfer of knowledge into practice, and create an enabling environment for research and innovation. “As the Government, we were responsible for doing two things. One is the regulatory framework and the other is funding,” said Prime Minister Dr Golob, adding: “To be truly successful, we need to combine non-technological innovation with technological innovation. Technology alone, without considering all possible non-technological innovations, is only limited to tools. Only when it is combined with everything we know about society can it really have maximum impact.”