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Prime Minister on an official visit to the Ministry of Defence

Prime Minister dr. Robert Golob visited the Ministry of Defence, where he was greeted with military honours.

Accompanied by Minister Marjan Šarec, he became acquainted with the Ministry's priorities and plans, visited the National Centre for Crisis Management, and addressed members of the Slovenian Armed Forces on international operations and missions.

"You have always made us proud and you have never let us down. I thank you personally and on behalf of the country," said dr. Golob in addressing Slovenian Army contingent leaders during a video conference call. The leaders briefed the Prime Minister on their work and tasks, and on the security situations in the states where they operate.

After the visit, the Prime Minister emphasised that on the one hand the Slovenian Army is about strengthening Slovenia's defence capacities, and on the other it is an indispensable partner in civil engagement. He recalled the help of the army in removing the barbed wire fence along ithe border with Croatia, extinguishing the fire in the Karst region, supplying drinking water to Slovenian Istria, and intervention in the event of recent floods and landslides.

Moreover, the Prime Minister highlighted the efficiency of the disaster relief system: "Our system is one of the best in Europe, and even in the world. Within fourteen days of the floods and landslides, the government was able to ensure reimbursement of intervention costs to affected municipalities. This has never happened before, and we have proven that immediate financing through reorganisation is possible."

He noted that the Slovenian Army is in very good condition, and that its members have reliable and suitable means of armament. In future decisions on the purchase of military equipment, the experience of soldiers on the ground will be among the highest priority criteria.

"In view of the above, we can conclude that the government results in relation to the Ministry of Defence are actually very good," said the Prime Minister.