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Prime Minister announces an additional €100 million to support pensioners

Prime Minister Robert Golob addressed participants at today's opening of the Days of Intergenerational Coexistence. He said that the Government would adopt a package of measures to alleviate the hardships of pensioners.

The financial impact of all the measures together will be around €100 million.

"I am honoured to be with you today because I see that words have been put into action. Words about intergenerational coexistence and cooperation are becoming a reality," said the Prime Minister, stressing that the Government is aware of the challenges posed by an ageing population. "We know that changes or reforms are necessary. We will implement them over the next two years so that we can function better as a society in the future," he underlined.

He stressed that the Government's door would always be open to all those who are committed to a respectful dialogue on a future of solidarity: "This is our way of showing our respect for you. Not only today. Always." He took the opportunity to thank the current President of the Slovenian Federation of Pensioner's Associations for his work.

The Prime Minister then presented a package of four measures for pensioners, which will be endorsed by the Government tomorrow. "The first measure is a 1.8% proportional increase in pensions, which will fulfil the Coalition's commitment that the old-age pension with full pensionable service will be €700 by the end of 2023," said Prime Minister Golob.

In addition to the proportional increase in pensions, the Government will also introduce a guaranteed widow's pension: "All those who receive a widow's pension and are also entitled to an early retirement, old-age or disability pension will now receive at least the same amount as the guaranteed old-age pension," explained the Prime Minister. This measure, which will cover around 10,000 individuals, will help those most in need.

For disabled workers who work part-time and will retire after 1 January 2024, the pension base will be increased. The pension will be calculated on the basis of the income they would have received if they had worked full-time.

"The fourth measure we are taking to address the hardships of pensioners is a one-off bonus, the 'winter bonus'," said Prime Minister Golob. It will amount to 40% of the annual bonus and will be paid in December in the same brackets as the annual bonus.

In closing, the Prime Minister wished pensioners to stay healthy and youthful: "It is our job to help you as much as possible."