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Prime Minister Golob: History must not be abused for hate speech

Today, Prime Minister Robert Golob attended a commemorative ceremony on the 78th anniversary of the final battles for the liberation of Ljubljana at Orle and the anniversary of the liberation of the Hero City and its holiday, 9 May.

"Just as there is no Sloveneness without our language, there is no Partisan struggle without our song," the Prime Minister said in his address, adding that the Partisan anthem "Hey Brigades" was clear about the ultimate goal of the national liberation struggle. The anthem famously put it into words by predicting that "our army pushes through like a storm all the way to the white Ljubljana!" The bloody, heavy fighting at Orle was the long-awaited fulfilment of this vow.

"The victims who fell on this day are so importantly symbolic that it is right that we never forget them," the Prime Minister added, noting the suffering of the entire city. He warned that history must not be abused for hate speech, so the coalition partners will find the right way to honour history and definitively say no to hate speech.

The Prime Minister concluded his speech by quoting a poem by Karel Destovnik - Kajuh (1922-1944), in which he says that a Partisan "has never shied away from the call of freedom." "We too can never shy away from the call of freedom. And we will not. This is a commitment that we can make to past generations and that we must make to future generations," the Prime Minister concluded, calling on everybody to find courage when fighting for the right values and true freedom.

Before the ceremony, the Prime Minister laid a wreath in front of the monument to the fallen at Orle.