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Prime Minister Dr Robert Golob on Labour Day: Work should ensure a decent living

Dear residents of Slovenia, citizens and all others who are building the future together with us, Congratulations on the occasion of Labour Day. To all of us.
Prime Minister Robert Golob

Prime Minister Robert Golob | Author The Office of the Prime Minister

Both those of us who are in the active phase of our lives and those who have already completed your professional careers. And certainly to those of you who are just getting ready for your first job.

We live in a time of great change, new technologies and rapid development, and yet it is people who work to create the conditions for the progress and prosperity of society. And in our part of the world, workers’ rights have held much weight in society for decades. This is not to boast, but we have achieved a great deal compared with some other countries. Not enough, of course. The process of regulating the labour market is never really over, and neither is the search for a fair key to the equitable distribution of surpluses. The prosperity brought by economic growth is the fruit of all our efforts. It is therefore only right to improve the situation of every individual involved in one way or another in the chain of work processes.

Our government is serious about this. Work should ensure a decent living, which is why, in this relatively short space of time, we have already secured a large increase in the minimum wage and two pension indexations.  One of our central objectives is to create a modern and stimulating work environment that supports economic achievements on the one hand, and, just as consistently, respect for workers’ rights on the other. We must of course not forget the weakest among us. That is why this government strives to maintain a society of solidarity and a state that provides the organisational and material means for the functioning of healthcare, social protection, education, and public infrastructure, i.e. systems that form the backbone of life and work in our country.

There is only one path towards achieving all this: the agreement of the social partners. Our government has successfully established this dialogue over the last year, aiming to find the best possible solutions.

Slovenia boasts a highly skilled workforce. We are situated in a key geostrategic location and have a well-developed modern infrastructure. That is why we believe that the primary task of the government is to invest in the jobs of the future. To mature into a knowledge society, which we are already slowly entering through digital transformation and the green transition.

May the Labour Day celebrations, the maypoles, the bonfires, and the joyful gatherings fill you with good cheer and optimism. Congratulations to all and – Long Live 1 May!