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Message by Prime Minister Robert Golob on the occasion of the Day of Uprising Against Occupation

Message by Prime Minister Robert Golob on the occasion of the Day of Uprising Against Occupation
Prime Minister Robert Golob

Prime Minister Robert Golob | Author Nebojša Tejić/STA

Dear Citizens, Fellow Slovenians at home and abroad,

The Day of Uprising Against Occupation is a day of remembrance and contemplation. Contemplation about the past, the future and, above all, about ourselves and our nature.

Wars do not erupt overnight. Wars are within us and among us. They are fed by any insulting, degrading or divisive word, no matter how casually said or hastily written it may be. Each of us should therefore contribute a piece to the mosaic of harmony and openness that our country is to be built on.

But we must not deceive ourselves. There will always be stronger and weaker among us. Both nations and interests. Every few decades, we Slovenians find ourselves in a position that forces us to fight for our rights. It would be naïve to expect the years before us as a modern society to be completely carefree.

We will continue to face situations that will require us to resist the black-and-white interpretations of the past and present. From the inside and the outside. The kind that manipulate facts instead of respecting them. These evil forces can only be defeated by a society that is open enough to hear all opinions. Even those that may be entirely contrary to our own but nevertheless enrich and complete a public debate.

Let me remind you that this time next year, we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Slovenia’s membership in the European Union. During this time, Slovenia has not only become an equal, but also an active and important member of the association that endeavours to help bring about peace and stability on the old continent in these difficult times.

So let the past inspire us with good examples.  The heritage of Slovenians who knew how to seize a historic opportunity at the time of independence teaches us that what is needed sometimes is determination. And that democracy and freedom are values that should know no boundaries.

Happy Day of Uprising Against Occupation. I hope that the historical message of this day can help us build our future.