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Minister Fajon on the reasons for the rejection of the resolution on Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

At an extraordinary session of the National Assembly, Tanja Fajon, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, presented the reasons for the rejection of the resolution that would classify Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. She reiterated Slovenia’s strong support for Ukraine and emphasised that, instead of creating division and separation, all efforts should be directed towards ending Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

The proposed resolution to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism was not adopted due to the lack of legal basis, both in Slovenia and at the EU level. “Only seven of the 27 EU member states have signed up to the European Parliament's resolution calling on the EU Council to establish a legal framework for classifying countries as state sponsors of terrorism. This shows that the majority of EU member states are aware that the resolution has no practical value in the current situation in Ukraine and that a uniform, well-thought-out and decisive approach by EU member states is crucial for Ukraine,” the Minister said.

“International humanitarian law stipulates that the crime of spreading terror among the civilian population qualifies as a war crime, not terrorism. Not EU member states, but the courts, which Slovenia has joined for this very purpose, will decide on aggression, crimes against humanity and human rights violations. It is our joint responsibility to strive as one with every effort to establish a legal framework that will allow for the prosecution, independent and fair trial of aggressors and war criminals,” the Minister underlined. 

In the debate, Minister Fajon reiterated Slovenia’s clear, unequivocal and strong condemnation of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine and pointed out that Slovenia espouses the inviolability of borders, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. She also reminded the MPs of all the military, material and humanitarian assistance that Slovenia has provided to Ukraine so far and drew attention to the fact that Slovenia is one of the most solidarity-oriented countries regarding assistance to Ukraine. She also underlined that Slovenia will continue to provide assistance and support to Ukraine, a victim of Russian aggression, as long as it is needed and wanted. She also called on MPs to remain united in their policy on Ukraine and Russia.

At the beginning of the session, the Minister called for a minute's silence to express Slovenia’s solidarity and sympathy with all the victims of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.