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An event in support of Ukraine and in memory of the victims of Russia's brutal aggression against Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs organised an event in support of Ukraine and in memory of the victims of Russia's brutal aggression. Acting Secretary-General Renata Cvelbar Bek addressed the Diplomatic Corps and the Ministry's staff on behalf of Minister Tanja Fajon, who is attending the Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly. Andrii Taran, Ambassador of Ukraine to Slovenia, also addressed the participants. The speeches and a minute's silence for the victims of the aggression against Ukraine were followed by the raising of the Ukrainian flag.
Vršilka dolžnosti generalne sekretarke Renata Cvelbar Bek med nagovorom

Acting Secretary-General Renata Cvelbar Bek | Author Ministrstvo za zunanje in evropske zadeve

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A year ago, Russia carried out an unprovoked attack on Ukraine. In doing so, it flagrantly violated international law and trampled on the principles we had built together after the Second World War, which we condemn in the strongest terms. The Ukrainian people have endured unbearable suffering during this time. Despite this, Ukrainians have shown incredible strength in defending their country and its fundamental values – freedom, independence and democracy. “On this sad day, when we mark the first anniversary of the aggression against Ukraine, we remember the victims, all those suffering, mothers and fathers who have lost their children, and children who have lost their parents and their youth. We should never forget that violating the international legal order that took us so long to build, cannot and must not become our new normality,” Acting Secretary-General Renata Cvelbar Bek said in her address.

In his address, Ambassador Andrii Taran thanked Slovenia for its support and assistance to Ukraine and stressed that today's event is of great symbolic significance, as Slovenia reacted immediately and with appropriate measures to the start of the Russian aggression, thus showing who is the aggressor and who is the victim. “This has been a year of intense struggle, a year of Ukraine's 'iron will', a year of incredible courage and bravery, and a shared belief in victory. Our courage is a reflection of the people and the international support of all our partners and friends. We have stood together for 365 days, and I have no doubt that evil will be defeated and all crimes punished,” said Ambassador Taran.

Acting Secretary-General Cvelbar Bek reaffirmed Slovenia’s firm commitment to international law, fully upholding the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders. Slovenia will therefore continue to provide support and assistance to Ukraine.