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Prime Ministers of Slovenia and Luxembourg: We should not turn Europe into a fortress

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Robert Golob, hosted the Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, on his official visit to Slovenia. This is the second official visit of a foreign leader at Mr Golob’s invitation.

The two leaders discussed bilateral relations, topical European issues, and cooperation between Slovenia and the Benelux countries.

Slovenia and Luxembourg share an awareness of the importance of respect for fundamental democratic values and constructive political dialogue. They also examined ways to further strengthen economic cooperation, agreeing that space technologies within joint EU projects constitute one such area. "Despite its small size, Luxembourg boasts not only a huge banking and financial insurance sector but also intensive activities in the field of advanced technologies. Luxembourg is a global leader in space technologies," said Prime Minister Golob. He also mentioned student exchanges and Luxembourg’s interest in the timber industry. Prime Minister Bettel pointed to the possibility of connecting the chambers of commerce of the two countries and of organising a joint business forum.

In the European Union, the two countries are members of the group of friends of the rule of law and are committed to a sustainable and sovereign EU. The two leaders also discussed the situation in Ukraine, strengthening the competitiveness of the European economy, a comprehensive response to migration and EU enlargement policy, with an emphasis on the Western Balkans.

On the war in Ukraine, they agreed that channels for negotiations should remain open, but the Slovenian Prime Minister is convinced that Russia, as the aggressor, must be the first to express its readiness for peace.

On migration, they shared the view that a common response was needed at the EU level. They do not support solutions that involve building walls and making a fortress out of Europe. "More needs to be done on the integration of migrants, cooperation with transit countries and open dialogue with countries of origin," stressed Prime Minister Golob.

The political dialogue between Slovenia and the Benelux countries, which intensified between 2017 and 2019, was also one of the topics during the visit. "Slovenia has had close ties with the Benelux countries in the past, and we are now making an effort to formalise these relations," announced the Slovenian Prime Minister. He believes that coordination between Slovenia and Benelux on the issue of the Western Balkans could deliver concrete results.

Slovenia and Luxembourg have developed close and friendly relations and share similar views on fundamental political and other issues, especially at the EU level. In this context, Prime Minister Bettel has visited our country on several occasions. Prime Minister Golob pointed out in a joint press statement following the talks that we were hosting a great friend of Slovenia.

In the margins of the visit, Prime Minister Bettel thanked his host, adding that, in his opinion, the invitation extended to his spouse for this visit shows that Slovenia is an open and tolerant country. Mr Bettel also invited the Slovenian Prime Minister to visit Luxembourg.