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Government to have a systemic approach to healthcare and other structural reforms

Prime Minister Robert Golob hosted the third meeting of the government ministers with coalition MPs in Brdo pri Kranju. This time, the meeting was entirely devoted to healthcare reform.

"This summit was convened with a single purpose, which is to show the people of Slovenia that we are determined to carry out the reforms that Slovenia needs to become a modern country," the Prime Minister noted at a press conference after the discussion. According to him, Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loredan received the full support of all those present.

At the meeting, the participants were presented with a comprehensive analysis of the situation in the healthcare system. "The situation is, unfortunately, worse than anyone in this country would think. The good news is that the reasons why the situation is so bad have been identified and that there is a plan," the Prime Minister added. He announced that a specific timeline of legislative measures that will be adopted in a meaningful order by the end of this year and implementing measures until 2025 will be prepared tomorrow.

The Prime Minister thinks that healthcare reform should be tackled in a systemic manner and comprehensively and should start at the central point, i.e. the Health Insurance Institute. "Our intention is to carry out the reform in such a way that residents get access to effective public healthcare," he said.

The pledge to participate in the drafting of the health reform will be signed by all participants, including the coalition MPs. By signing it, they will show their personal commitment to making a constructive contribution to the drafting of the health reform.

The Prime Minister is expected to host the next meeting of the government ministers with coalition MPs in two weeks, at which they will address the starting points for reforms in taxes, education, pensions, the public sector wage system and housing policy. "We will also act under the same principle in the other five reforms - analysis of the situation, timeline and commitment to implementation,” said Golob.

An annex to the coalition agreement that will cover all the above-mentioned reforms and their timeline will be drafted after the next meeting. The coalition partners will take their time to sign the annex, as it is desirable for it to pass through all democratic processes within the parties. According to the Prime Minister, the annex could be signed within the next six weeks. "Today we mapped the path ahead. And I believe that the only way to implement solutions and reforms is by working together," the Prime Minister concluded.