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Prime Minister Golob visits the Celje General Hospital and the Celje Community Health Centre

Prime Minister Robert Golob today visited the Celje General Hospital and attended the opening ceremony for a new building with heliport.

After the visit, the Prime Minister noted that the government strives to find the best solutions for the future, regardless of the circumstances: "This is why my message today is that the government will do everything to ensure that the next two phases are carried out in accordance with the plans."

The Prime Minister also met with the Mayor of the Celje Urban Municipality, Matija Kovač, and visited the Celje Community Health Centre in his company. After the visit, he noted the centre as an example of good practice: "As it is important that the state, i.e. the municipality provides funds for the infrastructure, it is equally or even more important how teams are managed. People don't leave organisations because they don't like the infrastructure, but because of bad relationships or because of inadequate management," said Prime Minister Golob. He also noted as exemplary the cooperation between the community health centre, emergency medical services and the emergency ward, which enables efficient operation for the welfare of patients. "I would like to see such examples of good practice spread throughout the country, because only then will we be able to face the health challenges that lie ahead," concluded Prime Minister Golob.

Asked by a journalist about the cooperation with the Minister of Health, the Prime Minister said that they cooperated well: "We have an open, honest relationship. The Minister contributes knowledge, and I contribute the political support of the entire government for the reform."

An interdepartmental working group, coordinated by the Prime Minister, began its work last week. One of the tasks of the working group is coordinating various ministries: "Of the Ministry of Health as the responsible body, the Ministry of Finance as the one that will have to provide the money, the Ministry of Digitalisation and the Ministry of Public Administration. In this way, I want to connect all services that are responsible for the drafting of material," the Prime Minister explained.

He also announced the establishment of a strategic council for healthcare, which will be headed by surgeon Erik Brecelj, and comprise a broad range of experts. In the Prime Minister's opinion, this is the best guarantee that the health reform will be well planned and implementable, as the members of the strategic council will prepare strategic guidelines and proposals for long-term solutions.

For the health reform to succeed, it must be supported by the entire government coalition. The Minister of Health will thus present to the ministers and coalition MPs the guidelines and basic starting points for the reform on 18 January 2023. The Prime Minister has announced that the coalition partners will draw up an annex to the coalition agreement based on the discussion: "We want this annex to be signed by all coalition MPs, not only by ministers, so that we know that we are together in this," concluded the Prime Minister.