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Establishment of the Strategic Council for Food

The Prime Minister established the Strategic Council for Food (the Council), which is currently comprised of 15 representatives of various professions and sectors. The Council is headed by Dr Nataša Fidler Mis, a food technology expert with an MA and a PhD in this field. The Council composition is being expanded and is expected to be completed next month when the Council holds its constitutive session.

At the first session, members will set their work priorities and objectives, aimed at formulating proposals and measures to improve the supply of citizens with affordable, high-quality and safe food with minimum negative impacts on human health, the environment and the climate.

Individual objectives and strategies for their achievement will be coordinated in a cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and evidence-based manner. Council members will have the opportunity to invite external experts with specific knowledge and competences in various fields to join in the discussion. One of its objectives being the stimulation of public discussion, the Council will accordingly inform the public of its activities.

Among other things, the Council will outline proposals and policies for:

  • updating the national food guidelines, following modern medical knowledge in line with climate commitments and sustainable development goals;
  • drafting guidelines to promote the consumption of food based on sustainable production and updated national food guidelines;
  • raising public awareness of the need to change eating habits for health, environmental and climate-related reasons;
  • upgrading food policies and strategic documents, which will serve as starting points for the agricultural sector;
  • planning financial incentives for the production of crops for direct human consumption;
  • reducing the amount of food waste, and other tasks.

The Government took note of the establishment of the Council and the appointment of its members at its session held on 1 December 2022.