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Prime Minister Robert Golob at the European Council meeting: Granting candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina is a reality

Today, on 15 December 2022, Prime Minister Robert Golob is attending the European Council meeting in Brussels. In the discussion, EU leaders are focusing on further assistance to Ukraine, energy, the EU's global competitiveness and its enlargement policy.

For Slovenia, the key issue at this meeting is that the European Council agrees to grant EU candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the Prime Minister, this is an important geostrategic and political decision, which will have a positive impact on the accession process of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans as a whole. The decision will also confirm the EU's role as a leading actor in the progress in the region. “Six months ago, when we actively presented this proposal at the Summit, it was just an illusion, but today it is a reality,” stressed Prime Minister Golob.

After lengthy negotiations at the ministerial level, the leaders will also address the outstanding issue of the gas price correction mechanism. “We have reached an agreement in principle on the level of the gas price cap. I am confident that on this basis, the energy ministers will reach an agreement on the correction mechanism at their meeting on Monday,” added the Prime Minister. He believes it is important for the EU to send a message that the cap is coming with determination and unity: “After all, the level can also be discussed in three or six months' time and adjusted then, if there are any deviations from what the market is showing today.”

Before the start of the meeting, the Prime Minister emphasised that he expected the most in-depth discussion to be on the EU's global competitiveness: “Today we are setting the bases and the timeline for the establishment of a new fund to support the competitiveness of the European economy. We are advocating three things. First, that the timeline is clear and as fast as possible; second, that the EU must not remain passive; and third, that whatever we do must be flexible. We will work to ensure that the rules of operation are such as to bring Slovenia a maximum benefit.”