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Granny’s Sexual Life wins EFA award

Granny’s Sexual Life has taken the title for best short at the European Film Awards held in Reykjavik, Iceland. “The European Film Award is proof that Slovenia has the very best creative talent in film. It shows that Slovenian cinema belongs to the elite of European cinema,” said Dr Asta Vrečko, the culture minister, in her congratulations to the makers of the film.

Portret ustvarjalk kratkega filma Babičino seksualno življenje

Urška Djukić and Émilie Pigeard | Author Evropska filmska akademija

She added: “The film’s subject matter is also meaningful, in addressing conservative Slovenian society in the first half of the twentieth century. Patriarchal society held back women’s rights at every step, and their role in society and the family was defined within ideological boundaries and the values of the Catholic church, with resistance coming from individual women and the feminist movement. The film explores the quiet suffering of the majority of women, particularly those from lower social classes, and thus reveals part of our forgotten history. It also serves as an important reminder for building a just society today.”

Granny’s Sexual Life is a short look at the intimate history of a rural grandmother in the first half of the twentieth century. The film sums up the relations in which women were trapped, thanks to strict church teachings and general societal norms, as an object for satisfying the sexual needs of their husbands. The writer took inspiration for the film from the testimony of women gathered by Milena Miklavčič in her book Fire, Ass and Snakes Are Not Toys.

The screenplay was written by the director, Urška Djukić, who also edited the film, and Maria Bohr. The film was codirected and animated by Émilie Pigeard, and voiced by Doroteja Nadrah, Jure Henigman, Mara Vilar, Božena Zabret and Bojana Ciglič. The music was composed by Tomaž Grom, and the sound design was by Julij Zornik.

It is a Slovenian and French coproduction, and received funding from the media strand of the Creative Europe programme.