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Minister Kumer: Proposed mechanism for limiting gas prices will require substantial corrections

The proposed mechanism for limiting natural gas price presented this week by the European Commission will need substantial corrections, stated Bojan Kumer, Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure, after today’s meeting of energy ministers.

Minister Bojan Kumer | Author STA/Bor Slana

A dynamic price ceiling of EUR 150 per megawatt hour would be acceptable for Slovenia given the current situation in the market. According to the Minister, Slovenia is advocating for dynamic upward price capping that is sufficiently low and also sufficiently above the current market price to enable supply and demand below this limitation. The Commission proposed a ceiling at EUR 275 under two conditions.

Kumer is of the opinion that an agreement on the mechanism could be reached a day or so before the new emergency meeting of energy ministers scheduled for 13 December.

(Source: STA)