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Prime Minister Robert Golob visited two central healthcare institutions

Prime Minister Robert Golob today visited the Ljubljana Institute of Oncology and the Ljubljana University Medical Centre (LUMC).

Prime Minister and Director of the Ljubljana University Hospital during a tour

Prime Minister visits UKC Ljubljana and the Oncology Institute | Author STA/Katja Kodba

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At the Institute of Oncology he was shown activities connected with epidemiology, the Cancer Register, the management of the National Cancer Control Programme, the screening programmes ZORA and DORA, and the activities of internal oncology, radiotherapy and surgery.

As the prime minister emphasised after the visit, healthcare and health are priorities for this government, which has adopted emergency and intervention measures in its first six months – including the Urgent measures to prevent the spread and mitigate the consequences of the infectious disease COVID-19 in healthcare Act, and the Intervention measures to stabilise the operation of the public healthcare system Act. “Today is symbolically the day on which we begin to address development projects in healthcare,” said PM Golob.

The national programme for recovery and resilience has reimbursable funds, which will be earmarked for projects in healthcare such as the Proton Centre and the enlargement of the Ljubljana Institute of Oncology. “If we have so far been solving the current crises, then this shows we are addressing future crises. We wish to take healthcare to a higher level and thereby reward the excellence and self-sacrifice of healthcare employees that we have witnessed in the last two years,” stressed PM Golob.

The Prime Minister then visited the LUMC, where he was shown the emergency Infectious Diseases and Febrile Illnesses Clinic, the Clinical Department for Children’s Intensive Therapy at the Paediatric Clinic, the premises of the diagnostic-therapeutic service, the Ljubljana A&E, and the intensive therapy departments for internal medicine and general surgery. During his visit the prime minister spoke with heads of departments.

He highlighted the expertise of LUMC staff, and their pride to be working in the country’s main tertiary healthcare institution. However, the prime minister said that it is the duty of politicians to help provide appropriate equipment and premises. “It is our job to turn pride and proficiency into a top service that will serve the people. This is a joint commitment by both staff and the ministry, and indeed the Government as a whole,” concluded PM Golob.