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Prime Minister meets general director of PDII and president of ZDUS

Prime Minister Dr Robert Golob today met Marijan Papež, general director of the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute, and Janez Sušnik, president of the Slovenian Federation of Pensioners’ Associations (ZDUS).

Following the meeting, the prime minister highlighted that all measures seen as ahead of schedule would be funded from the budget, and would not affect pension coffers. “There will be approximately EUR 90 million of such measures this year, half of which are early increases, and half of which take the form of an energy allowance, which depends on the size of the pension. Half of the money is going to the most vulnerable, while half is going to all equally, depending on their pensions,” clarified the prime minister.

At today’s session the government adopted an emergency bill under which pensions would receive an early increase of 4.5% in November. Mr Papež and Mr Sušnik both welcomed the government measure to increase pensions this year.