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Prime Minister Golob: A sufficient majority may be expected for certain amendments to the Constitution

Today, the Prime Minister, Dr Robert Golob, held a consultation with the representatives of coalition and opposition parties and the leaders of deputy groups regarding possible amendments to the electoral legislation and other constitutional amendments for which suitable political will exists during this term of office. It was determined that the five parties could agree on certain issues.

As stated by Prime Minister Golob after the meeting, the consensus for amending the Constitution could be first attained with regard to unburdening the Constitutional Court, transferring the competence to appoint judges to the President of the Republic and publishing of municipal documents in the Official Gazette. The parties could also potentially agree on the shortening and simplification of appointing the Government and ministers from a two-stage into a single stage procedure.

"If we are successful in easy issues, then we can tackle more complex ones, which certainly include changes to the electoral system," the Prime Minister stressed. He announced that, in cooperation with the parliamentary parties, the Government will strive for a dialogue and a broad public discussion in which citizens, the civil society and the expert public will be able to take part. The initial steps in this direction have already been taken and it should be clear within one or one and a half years whether changes to the electoral system towards an enhanced role of voters are actually possible in this term. The cessation of the National Council and the establishment of regions are also topics for discussion.

The Prime Minister assesses that the conditions for constitutional amendments are ideal in this term of the National Assembly, "After several years, a lesser number of political parties are in the Parliament, which facilitates harmonisation and enables greater predictability. It is thus sensible to commence the political process for amending the Constitution. I am an optimist and believe that the results will still be attained during this term of office." Certain adjustments to the Constitution, as highlighted by the expert and lay public, are necessary after 30 years. A two thirds majority or at least 60 deputies’ votes are needed for amendments.