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Prime Minister Robert Golob’s response to the presentation of the European Commission Enlargement Report

The European Commission today published its annual report on the enlargement strategy and progress of candidate countries and potential candidate countries for membership of the European Union. In addition to the strategy, the so-called enlargement package summarises the annual progress of the six Western Balkans countries and Turkey and makes recommendations for the way forward. For Slovenia, the package is particularly important in the part concerning the granting of candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which Slovenia has been advocating since the European Council meeting last June. Today, the European Commission has made a recommendation on granting the candidate status to this country, which is expected to be decided by EU Member States in December.
Prime Minister Robert Golob

Prime Minister Robert Golob | Author UKOM

Prime Minister Robert Golob was among those who responded to the presentation of the European Commission Enlargement Report:

“Today's decision by the European Commission to recommend granting candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina is also based on last June’s initiative by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to grant EU candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina. This recommendation confirms that our position was correct, that our arguments were understood and then accepted. My thanks go to all those European friends who supported us, listened to us and understood the need for the EU to take a decision of utmost importance both for Bosnia and Herzegovina and for the future of the EU. This is the foreign policy of the new Slovenian government centred on the security and unity of the whole of Europe, including the Western Balkans. Our views are heard because we act openly and constructively. The key here is not the size of the countries, but the freshness of the proposals and the quality of the ideas, something that Slovenian foreign policy was not sufficiently aware of in recent years. In this challenging and in many ways fatal situation for Europe, we are becoming part of a new, positive change in the Union and its neighbourhood. I hope that the European Commission's recommendation on Bosnia and Herzegovina will resonate positively, give new impetus and, above all, new hope to all the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our message is that we have not forgotten Bosnia and Herzegovina and will continue to stand by it. Slovenia will work to ensure that the entire Western Balkans region joins the European Union as soon as possible.”