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Slovenia ranks 33rd in the Global Innovation Index 2022

Switzerland has retained its top spot among the world's most innovative countries, a position it has held for almost a decade. Slovenia has dropped one place in this year's ranking to 33rd out of 132 countries.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) published the Global Innovation Index for 2022, which ranks 132 countries according to their innovation performance.

Switzerland is in the top five most innovative countries in the world, followed by the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. European countries are also considered to be the most innovative, with 11 countries in the top 20.

Slovenia dropped one place in this year's ranking to 33rd. In terms of the groupings of indicators, Slovenia scored best on infrastructure (24th) and worst on market sophistication (68th).

Among European countries, Slovenia ranks 21st, ahead of Hungary and behind Portugal. Among the remaining neighbouring countries, Austria ranks 17th, Italy 28th and Croatia 42nd.

The detailed report can be found in the publication of the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Data for Slovenia are available in the relevant section of the report.