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Minister Dr Dominika Švarc Pipan welcomes her North Macedonian colleague, Prof Dr Nikola Tupančeski

The visit focused on the discussions relating to Slovenia’s assistance and cooperation within North Macedonia’s accession process to the EU in the field of judicial reforms.

"Slovenia supports an early accession of North Macedonia to the European Union. To this end, my colleague and I held a very open and honest discussion today, particularly about how we can help North Macedonia in the field of the judiciary with our own experience, especially when harmonising the national legislation with the European," stressed Minister Švarc Pipan.

The ministers exchanged experience in the digitalisation of justice, whereby the Slovenian Minister highlighted that "processes of digital transformation in the judiciary must be accelerated to make the judiciary more accessible and efficient."

The discussion partners also focused on the methodology and procedures for appointing judges, the general reform of the judicial network and the fight against organised crime and corruption.

Such meetings are an excellent opportunity to enhance good relations between the countries. Slovenia and North Macedonia are good long-term partners in numerous fields, including the business sector and the judiciary. The cooperation between both Ministries of Justice is close and founded on bilateral and multilateral international treaties and collegial relations.

uradna fotografija obeh ministrov pred zastavami
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