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Intergenerational solidarity is an indispensable part of social wellbeing

Prime Minister Robert Golob continues his discussions with the civil society. In order to enhance an intergenerational solidarity based on social integration between generations and the exchange of different types of support, he met with the representatives of the youth and the elderly for the first time.

The meeting with the Prime Minister was attended by the members of the MeKoS Intergenerational Coalition, which includes the Slovenian Federation of Pensioners’ Associations (ZDUS), university and secondary school student organisations (ŠOS and DOS), and the National Youth Council of Slovenia (MSS). The meeting focused on the Government’s priorities regarding intergenerational alliance. They spoke about the mental health of young people, scholarships, pension adjustments, long-term care and digitalisation for both groups.

The youth representatives and the Prime Minister agreed that preventive medical or regular health checks should also include mental health. "The mental health of young people demands immediate and decisive action," the Prime Minister said in support of the calls of the youth. He added that the Government would prioritize the increase in scholarships and the possibility of combining state and Zois scholarships. According to the existing legislation, these two scholarships are mutually exclusive, which means that a talented student from a socially disadvantaged background is entitled to only one of these scholarships.

In the field of the elderly, the Government will first tackle the issue of extraordinary pension adjustment in December. It is anticipated that the talks would continue in October, when the expectations of the working population will be known. The Prime Minister asked the ZDUS to submit substantive proposals for the regulation of the long-term care system and to apply pensioners to a special public call being prepared by the Government in the light of mitigating the growing energy costs.

The intergenerational alliance is the key element of the public welfare system and a topical subject of modern societies, making it one of the five pillars in the programme section of the Coalition Agreement. After the first intergenerational meeting, the Prime Minister highlighted that the Slovenian Government, along with the elderly and the youth, wishes to address the challenges of both groups together and announced the transformation of the existing Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth into a new ministry of intergenerational solidarity. This is also anticipated in the new Government of the Republic of Slovenia Act.