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Prime Minister Robert Golob and President of the Republic of Hungary Katalin Novak on bilateral relations and global challenges

Prime Minister Robert Golob met today with the President of the Republic of Hungary, Katalin Novak, who is on an official visit to Slovenia. The talks focused on deepening relations between the two countries, the global challenges of energy and food security, Ukraine's European perspective, and EU enlargement to the Western Balkans.

Prime Minister Golob and President Novak paid particular attention to efforts to bring an early end to Russia's aggression against Ukraine. They stressed that Ukraine is a sovereign country with internationally recognised borders, free to choose its security arrangements and enter into alliances.

One of the key topics of the talks was the energy crisis, linked to reducing Russian energy supply, and the need to ensure energy security in light of the current situation. With regard to the issue of energy supply, Slovenia advocates solidarity based on voluntary measures. Prime Minister Golob called for the promotion of investment in green transition and alternatives to ensure energy security. He proposed that the two countries conclude an agreement similar to the one concluded with Italy, and perhaps also with Austria.

Prime Minister Golob expressed his satisfaction with the significant progress made on joint energy and transport infrastructure projects. Better connectivity and modernisation of energy and transport infrastructure enable economic growth and energy security. In this context, he highlighted the construction of the Cirkovce–Pince–Hévíz cross-border transmission line, the first transmission line connecting Slovenia in Hungary.

The discussion also focused on the continuation of EU enlargement policy, whereby the Slovenian Prime Minister underlined the need to preserve the Western Balkans as part of the EU enlargement process. According to Golob, the continuation of European enlargement policy towards the Western Balkan countries is the best guarantee for security, stability and progress in the region. He also acquainted the Hungarian President with the letter on the EU candidate status of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which he had submitted to the President of the European Council, the President of the European Commission and the EU Member States.

The discussion partners also advocated further strengthening of bilateral political and economic cooperation between the two countries. At the conclusion of the meeting Prime Minister Golob expressed his satisfaction with the good bilateral cooperation between Slovenia and Hungary on minority issues. As both minorities are an important link between our two countries and nations, he welcomed the increased support of both governments to the economic and social development of the border regions to the benefit of our two national minorities.