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Prime Minister Golob at the handover: We have much work to do in the autumn

This evening, Prime Minister Robert Golob and outgoing Prime Minister Janez Janša completed the handover. After the talks, they made a brief statement to the press.
Prime Minister Robert Golob

Prime Minister Robert Golob | Author KPV

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"We had a very fruitful discussion," Mr Golob said in his statement following the handover. He pointed out that the Government will take advantage of the summer in preparation for the autumn. "In the autumn, we will need to work hard to ensure that key challenges, from soaring food and energy costs to healthcare issues, are not only identified but also addressed." The Prime Minister added that challenging months lie ahead and that a strong coalition with a broadly united programme would contribute to the Government-s success. "As I have previously announced in the National Assembly, now is the time for us to put words into action," Mr Golob concluded after the handover, thanking the former Government for all the good it had done.

"The coalition forming the Government holds a significant majority and with that a major opportunity," former Prime Minister Janez Janša said. "We wish the new Government good results. After all, if the results are good, we will all benefit from them, but if the outcome is bad, it will be bad for us all." He wished Prime Minister Golob "the very best of luck and successful navigation through the various challenges, including those posed by the external environment".

Statements after handover