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Minister Andrijanič in the Pomurje region: "Ingenuity and success of the Pomurje’s talents will have a bright future"

  • Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Digital Transformation
Accompanied by the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Minister Mark Boris Andrijanič visited the Pomurje region. As part of his visit, the Minister met with secondary school students of computer science and the management of the Murska Sobota Secondary Vocational and Technical School. He became acquainted with the activities of the Pomurje Technology Park and examined the production of the high-tech VIRS company.

Minister Andrijanič began his visit at the Murska Sobota Secondary Vocational and Technical School, where he learned about the computer science and electrical engineering programmes where students obtain knowledge of computer hardware maintenance, the safe use of the internet and the application of ICT in business processes over the course of four years of education. In the computer technician programme, the students learn to plan and develop web applications, programme desktop and mobile applications, and specialise in working with computer system components as well as their application and maintenance. "The ICT development quickly progresses and to follow these changes there must be sufficient domestic knowledge, which will help make Slovenian companies and the economy more propulsive, successful and competitive," said the Minister of Digital Transformation. Head teacher Ludvik Sukič and the Minister also spoke about the white areas, which have not yet been covered in the region. 

The transfer of knowledge, experience and new technologies is being promoted in the Pomurje Technology Park where the Minister continued his visit. This is an internationally recognised project-based support company which has helped more than 200 Pomurje companies on their path to success. The management of the technology park introduced to the Minister their mission, vision and goals, which are aimed at assisting start-up and scale-up companies as well as providing necessary infrastructure, training and mentoring. "With the knowledge you forward to start-up and scale-up companies, you encourage the establishment of new companies and contribute to the increased competitiveness of entrepreneurship in the region and help to deliver higher added value. And that is the key to success," highlighted Minister Andrijanič. In cooperation with faculties, companies and international research organisations, the Pomurje Technology Park helps start-up companies achieve a faster breakthrough in the market. The Minister also became acquainted with two start-up companies, i.e. AviRings and Castoola.

Minister Andrijanič then visited the VIRS d.o.o. company in Lendava, which has been co-creating trends in automation and robotisation of production processes for a decade. In 2019, the company received the Golden Gazelle Award for the best fast-growing company in Slovenia. With its unique welding technique and cutting systems, this high-tech company does not only excel in Slovenia, but also stands out in the broader region. In recent years, it has focused on the development of technologically more challenging products, such as their own robot welding cell components. The latest technologies regarding robot welding and the automation of production processes being implemented in their systems are compliant with the Industry 4.0 requirements. 

The Minister of Digital Transformation ended his visit to Pomurje with a public debate in Lendava.