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Prime Minister Janša at the opening of the Agile Development Centre of BSH Hišni Aparati in Nazarje

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)
Prime Minister Janez Janša today attended the opening of the Agile Development Centre of the home appliances manufacturer BSH Hišni Aparati in Nazarje, where he delivered an address.

In addition to the Prime Minister, addresses were also given by Boštjan Gorjup, CEO of BSH Hišni aparati, Matija Petrin, Technology Director at BSH Hišni aparati, and Dr Silke Maurer, Chief Operating Officer and Supervisory Board Member of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. After the opening ceremony, the Prime Minister was given a tour of the entire production of the Agile Development Centre.

In his address, the Prime Minister touched on the Slovenian economy, which is making good progress despite difficult times, and about the opening of new acquisitions. "There is a great deal of this, and I always ask myself what it is that has allowed us to have not only beautiful places and a beautiful country, but also such wonderful and positive achievements." In this regard, he said that although the Upper Savinja Valley was one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia, life here had also been hard. "Those who were born in these hills, around here, did not have the same opportunities to succeed in life as those who were born in the middle of the city, in Ljubljana. Everything was harder to achieve and required more effort. I believe that this has been a life school for thousands or tens of thousands of those who have worked in your company over the last 50 years and contributed to the company not only having hardworking employees, but also clever, determined, persistent minds that have not just copied the achievements of others, but have attempted to make their own achievements." He went on to say: "In the last ten years, you have had at least three awarded patents, which have led to products that are useful, that are close to people's hearts, that people like to use and buy. Congratulations on this."

As for the fight against the pandemic, which is still ongoing, he stressed: "Together, we have proved that we can respond to crisis situations, and Slovenia is now recovering quickly. This is because we have been able to come together to mitigate the consequences and preserve employment at a time when companies in other countries were laying people off."

In his address, the Prime Minister said that the European Commission's autumn forecast for Slovenia increased the already positive outlook for Slovenia forecast in the summer. "Economic growth is forecast at 6.4%, and the European Commission's forecast for the coming years contains figures we can look forward to, in terms of both employment and decline in employment, as well as in terms of reducing our deficit and in terms of our potential for investment. We have achieved all this together." The Prime Minister thanked the participants: "Thank you not only for giving back to the country, but also for contributing much more than that to our shared wealth. None of this would have been possible without the hardworking, intelligent people on these premises."

In his address, the Prime Minister congratulated the participants on today's celebrations. "The development centre is up and running. I am convinced that, in 10 or 13 years, depending on how many of us there will be if the EU expands, when Slovenia holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU for the third time, these plans will translate into products that will be selling happily. The smart cooking pot will then already have been followed up by the smart kitchen, where dinner can be ordered electronically."

"Artificial intelligence is progressing very fast; the development is unimaginable. Digital transformation is also one of the priorities of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, and we are now seeing rapid and advanced steps being taken to develop all these ambitious plans and put them into practice."

In closing, the Prime Minister congratulated the company on all its victories over its past 50 years of business. "I wish all of you who will work in this agile centre a great deal of inspiration and congratulate you on all your past victories and all the future victories, which I know will come." Because this company relies on the positive recruitment of staff. Because it brings under one roof those who do not just take well-trodden paths but also take new paths. With knowledge and determination, and this is the path towards progress." He wished those present and the employees as much success as possible in the years to come, and as many innovations and patents as possible which will translate into products that will make the lives of Slovenians and Europeans easier and better. "Thank you for contributing to this," said the Prime Minister.

The Agile Development Centre of BSH Hišni Aparati is one of the main investments of BSH in 2020. The investment is worth 4.5 million euros, representing a fifth of BSH's total annual investment. The new premises cover 2,600 m2 and comprise a central agile area and a technical area with a laboratory and an electronics and drives department. The new centre will employ 140 engineers developing appliances for food preparation within BHS. Today's opening ceremony was also attended by Wolfram von Ohain, Director of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at BSH Hišni aparati Nazarje, Dr Michael Baumeister, Director of Operations at PCP, Reinhard Sekulin, Head of the Food Category, Ralf Lohmann, Head of BSH Business Excellence, Primož Lončar, Director of Factory Management, Toni Pogačar, Director of Food Globally and other guests.