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Minister Andrijanič praises Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry projects that follow the vision of the green and digital transformation

The minister visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry today, where he was briefed by its management on its green and digital projects.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia is following the vision for the development of the Slovenian economy and is pursuing the goals of a green and digital company, including by introducing sustainable mobility methods. They offer and encourage their employees to use e-bikes and e-cars, which are available to them for business or private use at Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ljubljana.  By using sustainable forms of mobility, employees contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and thus to a greener city.

The management also presented other digitalisation-related topics to the minister, such as energy monitoring, the potential of European funding to accelerate digitalisation in Slovenia, and the activities and assistance that the chamber offers to other companies within the chambers of commerce for the effective digital transformation of their business processes and services. 

In line with the initiatives and strategies of the Slovenian economy, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also switched to a digital way of doing business in order to simplify and reduce costs in the process of issuing or receiving invoices, and has set up a cyber security operations centre in partnership with Telekom Slovenije.

Minister Mark Boris Andrijanič praised all the efforts and successfully implemented projects in the field of the green and digital transformation, which raise competitiveness and set an example for other Slovenian companies. He also spoke about the actions of the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Digital Transformation and called for the chamber's support in implementing best practices in the future.