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Prime Minister Janez Janša attends the video conference of the BusinessEurope Council of Presidents

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)
Today, Prime Minister Janez Janša took part in a video conference of the BusinessEurope Council of Presidents. BusinessEurope joins 40 national industry and employer's business federations from 34 European countries and represents over 20 million small, medium-sized and large companies.
PM Janez Janša took part in a video conference of the BusinessEurope Council of Presidents.

PM Janez Janša took part in a video conference of the BusinessEurope Council of Presidents. | Author Kabinet predsednika vlade

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The Slovenian Prime Minister held an introductory address for the conference participants, followed by a short discussion on the key priorities of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, economic recovery and resilience against COVID-19.

He stressed that Slovenia is currently undertaking intensive preparations for the presidency at all levels. In June 2020, the 18-month Trio programme that was jointly prepared by Germany, Portugal and Slovenia, was adopted. Its main objectives and priorities include: resilience, recovery and strategic autonomy; Conference on the Future of Europe; Union of the European way of life, rule of law and equal criteria for all; a credible and secure European Union, capable of ensuring security and stability in its neighbourhood, with a focus on the Western Balkans. The Slovenia's main objective during the presidency will be to contribute to the present and future resilience of the EU.

In the context of the first priority, Slovenia will continue the efforts to stimulate the recovery of the European economy, with a focus on a rapid and effective implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Facility and of the "Next Generation EU" instrument, highlighted the Prime Minister.  "Our goal is to accelerate digital transformation and green transition," he explained, adding that issues concerning climate change and digitalisation will also be at the forefront. "Addressing the climate change, Slovenia will focus on the complex climate and energy legislation package 'Fit for 55'," stated the Slovenian Prime Minister.

Special attention will be focused on both digitalisation and the strengthening of cyber resilience. "Uncertain conditions due to COVID-19 joined by increasing digitalisation have further revealed potential damage to economy, democracy and critical infrastructure, especially in health care, and even loss of life due to a possible large-scale cyberattack," pinpointed Mr Janša, adding that Slovenia will promote cyber resilience of private and public companies and plan work activities regarding the updated and comprehensive European framework for cyber crisis management.

With regard to the Conference on the Future of Europe, the Prime Minister specifically emphasised the importance of questions as to how the single market will look like in 2050, what knowledge and skills will be required after 20 years, and how to transform school systems into lifelong learning systems.

He also thanked all members of the BusinessEurope for their contributions to the EU's efforts for industry recovery. "I am certain that, through common dialog with other industry stakeholders, state authorities and civil society, we can make the EU economy resilient and even more globally competitive," concluded Prime Minister Janez Janša.