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Minister Janez Poklukar: Vaccination is the most extensive, most demanding and most important project of our time

A press conference on the state of play on COVID-19 brought together Minister of Health Mr Janez Poklukar, Ms Deana Potza from Health Inspectorate and Mr Tomaž Pečjak, Deputy Director-General of the Police.

Janez Poklukar

Janez Poklukar | Author UKOM

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At today’s meeting, the Government issued an Ordinance amending the Ordinance on the temporary prohibition of gathering people to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The amendment of the Ordinance concerns the number of participants in organised public events and indoor gatherings. The number of persons is thus set at one participant per 20 square metres in an enclosed area (previously one participant per 30 square metres). All other provisions remain the same. Even the maximum number of participants at public events and gatherings remains at 10.

Yesterday 4,228 PCR tests and 27,806 rapid antigen tests were carried out. The PCR tests confirmed 774 new infections, and the proportion of positive tests was 18.3%. The National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) released today that the 7-day average of infections amounts to 729 cases (yesterday, 650 cases). Today, 551 patients are treated in hospitals, and there are 139 patients treated in intensive care units. Yesterday, 45 patients were admitted to hospitals. Fifty-one patients were dismissed from hospitals yesterday. Six people died in hospitals yesterday.

Minister Janez Poklukar said that there had been a gradual but relatively constant daily decline in the number of positive cases of coronavirus among the population in recent days while healthcare remains under heavy pressure. We are all responsible for a stable epidemiological situation, according to the Minister. It is of the utmost importance that as many people as possible is vaccinated. Today, the Minister visited the Bled vaccination centre, where vaccination is exemplary. They act in a socially responsible manner and have the right approach.

In cooperation with the National Institute of Public Health, an application (E-Zdravje) has developed to facilitate vaccination and booking appointments. As digitalisation is one of the priorities and the epidemic has shown how much we need it, the Minister is proud of the application. Those who have applied for vaccination, whether through their physician or a vaccination location, will not be required to resubmit their application. He gave a detailed presentation of the application, located on the zVem portal ( With the introduction of the new application, applications from the eUprava portal will no longer be available. Ensuring equal access to booking for vaccination for all is crucial, underlined Mr Janez Poklukar. Our success will depend on our solidarity and mutual assistance. Physicians and their colleagues, and the local community have an essential role in this. Vaccination is the most extensive, most demanding and most important project of our time, concluded the Minister.

Ms Deana Potza presented a report covering the period from 19 to 25 April, when the health inspectorates carried out 2,305 inspections. No offences were found in the catering sector. No non-compliance was found in external public areas either. None of the supervised persons breached isolation.

Mr Tomaž Pečjak presented his report (from 29 April to 5 May) on police checks. During that period, the Police carried out 1,845 inspections and received 39 reports from citizens. The fact that police officers are genuinely trying to take the least intrusive measures shows that only a verbal warning is issued to a great extent. During this period, 5,599 persons were placed under quarantine at the borders by police officers.