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Mateja Logar: We should follow the measures that can be taken at the individual level

A press conference on the current situation regarding COVID-19 was held by the head of the advisory group at the Ministry of Health Mateja Logar.

A total of 1,605 PCR tests and 6,576 rapid antigen tests were conducted yesterday. The PCR tests confirmed 234 new infections. According to today’s data published by the National Institute of Public Health, the seven-day average of confirmed cases is 785, which is less than the numbers reported yesterday and Saturday, which amounted to 792 and 801, respectively. Seven people died in hospitals yesterday, explained Maja Bratuša.

With regard to the general population, the situation has been stabilising in the last week. The measures we implemented from 1 to 11 April are starting to show an effect. Of course, this effect is not yet evident in patients in need of medical treatment and intensive care. Hospital beds are full, said Mateja Logar in her introduction.

Even though a number of activities are reopening, it is necessary to follow additional measures that we can take on our own, such as wearing a mask, even outdoors if it is not possible to maintain a safe distance. The second crucial thing is hand hygiene – washing hands with soap and disinfecting them. It is also important to air out rooms every hour for at least 15 minutes.

Each of us is a very important link in the chain of infection and each of us has the power to break this chain, prevent the further spread of infection and curb the epidemic, emphasised Ms Logar in her conclusion.