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Šircelj: Free school meals for all children up to tax class 3

The Minister of Finance, Andrej Šircelj, presented the Government's measures relating to the economic, social and health area, which are covered by the sixth anti-corona package.
Andrej Šircelj

Andrej Šircelj | Author Danijel Novakovič/STA

The package extends the period of eligibility for unemployment benefits for temporary lay-off . The possibility of 100 percent unemployment benefit for temporary lay-offis being introduced if the total amount does not exceed 800,000 euros, which is also the limit of state aid to companies approved by the EU. However, if companies file an application in the amount of 80 percent unemployment benefit for temporary lay-off, the total amount shall not be limited. The higher percentage will mainly be used by smaller companies, provided that they did not benefit from this measure in this amount during the first wave.

In the reimbursement of fixed costs, two classes are being introduced as a criterion for the reimbursement. If the company records a decrease in revenue exceeding 70 percent, it will receive benefit of 108 thousand euros, and if the revenue decreases between 30 and 70 percent, the company will receive benefit of 54 thousand euros. The company will receive benefit for all 3 months on 20 January. Companies with a higher turnover will receive benefits in the amount of 514 thousand or 207 thousand euros, respectively.

The moratorium on loan repayments is being extended until 30 April 2021, with the possibility of a 6-month extension. The guarantee scheme has been further relaxed; however, the banks have not benefited greatly from this institute, as 2 to 3 per cent of the measure has been exploited. However, the banks are more likely to enter into liquidity loans with companies. The measure subsidising short-time working is being extended. The Government will finance personal protective equipment for athletes, and meals for all children up to tax class 3. For the time being, tax and social contributions payment deferral remains an obligation for companies - a decision on write-off is not envisaged.

Spokesperson Jelko Kacin highlighted the incident involving the Director of the National Institute of Public Health, Milan Krek. The Ljubljana Police Directorate was informed about the event shortly after 4 pm. It was determined that two men followed a person in the street and unjustifiably recorded him - the video was broadcast on a social network. The victim submitted a proposal to prosecute the criminal offence of unjustified video recording under Article 138 of the Criminal Code. Police officers are collecting data on the incident, and will notify the competent state prosecutor's office about all the known circumstances.

On behalf of the Government, Mr Kacin strongly condemned yesterday's event, the unprovoked attack and the inadmissible harassment of the NIPH Director. He welcomed the response of individual politicians and parties, and everyone who condemned the event, as well as the response of both journalist organisations, which distanced themselves from the actions of the self-proclaimed journalist.