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The epidemic is not calming down yet

Dr Milivoj Piletič, Medical Director of Novo mesto General Hospital, and Government spokesperson Ambassador Jelko Kacin attended the today’s press conference on the current situation regarding the COVID-19 epidemic.

Jelko Kacin

Jelko Kacin | Author Danijel Novakovič/STA

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Government spokesperson Kacin initially presented the epidemiological data. Significantly less testing was done yesterday than on previous days, i.e. only 1,742. Some 470 tests were positive, which means that the percentage of positive tests amounted to 26.98 per cent. The data reveals that the epidemic is not calming down yet noticeably, as repeatedly determined by doctors and epidemiologists every day. However, Kacin highlighted that it seems at least that the situation is not worsening. More cases than have been identified or confirmed occur particularly at work places, which is why the number of infections is not declining.

Dr Piletič spoke about the situation in Novo mesto hospital and described circumstances in the first wave of the epidemic, which surprised everyone at the time. However, as he stressed, they gained valuable experience that helped them to prepare for the second wave. Their cooperation with stakeholders in the local environment was excellent in the first wave. There was great mutual solidarity in all fields, from human resources to protective equipment, which was very scarce at the time. They were prepared for the second wave in terms of organisation and sufficient stock of protective equipment for the staff. On 11 September, a nursing hospital intended to help retirement homes where infection outbreaks occurred was opened first, and they began treating acutely ill patents on 9 October. Dr Piletič assessed the introduction of COVID-19 hospitals as a good decision. Their greatest concern is currently the entry of infection into the hospital through asymptomatic staff and patients. They will thus start using rapid antigen tests as soon as possible, presumably by the middle of next week.