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A new book on international humanitarian law

A new book entitled International Humanitarian Law has been added to the International Law Series, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Faculty of Social Science of the University of Ljubljana. The newest addition to the series features a collection of papers by 21 authors discussing war and the related ethical, moral and legal issues, and international humanitarian law and related issues, as well as Slovenia's views and positions on this topic. The publication also includes references to older Slovenian literature on the law of war, including Professor Ivan Tomšič’s book on the law of war, the first Slovenian book on the subject.

book cover

The cover of the new book International Humanitarian Law | Author Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve

In the foreword to the book, Minister Anže Logar wrote “Slovenia's foreign policy aims to ensure and strengthen international peace as well as national security, development and stability. Our country has been responding to new security challenges by undertaking different activities within international organisations, conferences and forums active in the fields related to international humanitarian law. These include arms control, disarmament, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the prevention of arms trafficking, and the comprehensive ban on anti-personnel landmines and cluster munition, as well as the regulation of small arms and light weapons”.

The book was edited by Ambassador Andrej Grasselli, while the authors include several diplomats.

Last year, the translation of Geneva Conventions, the founding text of international humanitarian law, and their Additional Protocols were published in the International Law Series together with the English original texts.