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Public call for promoting the re-establishment of Slovenia’s air connectivity

  • Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

Today, 26 October 2020, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology published a public tender for the promotion of the re-establishment of Slovenia's air connectivity. The aim of the tender is to maintain existing international airlines, encourage the re-establishment of scheduled airlines that have already stopped flying to Slovenia due to the consequences of the pandemic, and encourage new airlines to fly in Slovenia.

The tender was prepared by the Ministry in response to the deteriorating air connectivity of Slovenia, which is a direct consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tender has three different deadlines for applications for airlines that perform or will perform scheduled air passenger traffic to any airport in Slovenia. Deadlines for submitting applications are: 9 November 2020 until midnight (1st deadline), 10 June 2021 until midnight (2nd deadline) and 11 October 2021 until midnight (3rd deadline).

The state will cover part of the costs incurred by airlines to fly and bring passengers to Slovenia. The co-financing will take into account the number of flights performed and number of passengers transported to Slovenia by an individual applicant to this public call. A total of € 5 million will be available.

More information can be found in the attached tender documentation.