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Covid-19 containment measures at work organisations

Firms will have to adapt in a number of ways to the risks of infection. In today’s press conference about the current Covid-19 situation, Urška Blaznik, who is responsible for public health at work organisations at the National Institute of Public Health, emphasised that all the general preventive measures also apply at firms. These include the use of masks and hand sanitiser, social distancing, and also the highly recommended daily measurement of body temperature on arrival at work.

Urška Blaznik from the National Institute of Public Health

Urška Blaznik from the National Institute of Public Health | Author Daniel Novaković, STA

The municipality of Pivka is an example of excellent, decisive action at the local level, according to government spokesperson Jelko Kacin. There are currently 20 cases among employees at Pivka perutninarstvo, and an additional 20 people are in quarantine, together with a number of children from the primary school. Robert Smrdelj, the mayor of Pivka, immediately took action to curb the spread of the virus, working with Sandi Curk, the commander of the regional civil protection force. They have closed all sports facilities for ten days, and prohibited cultural and sporting events from being held indoors. Residents have been called on to postpone private gatherings, parties and cultural events for at least 10 to 14 days. Ms Blaznik confirmed that even open-air private gatherings carry a risk of transmission.

A total of 2,247 tests were carried out in Monday, with 82 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus. There were 50 patients hospitalised with Covid-19, up ten on the previous day. Ten patients are in intensive care, but there were no deaths. There are 907 active cases in Slovenia. The Covid-19 Tracker was showing 17 confirmed cases in Ljubljana and 11 in Maribor, according to Špela Horjak, the deputy government spokesperson.

Ljubljana’s University Medical Centre was the first hospital to begin preparations for the anticipated rise in the number of hospitalised Covid-19 patients this week, confirmed Mr Kacin, who also said that the situation at community health centres is causing difficulties, as many patients are finding that medical staff are unreachable over the phone. He announced that he has invited the directors of community health centres to meet at the earliest opportunity.