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Anniversary of Slovenia's UN membership

Twenty-eight years ago, on this day, Slovenia joined the United Nations, which was a watershed in efforts for international recognition of the newly emerged state; it became a full-fledged partner in multilateral forums within the universal Organisation. To mark the occasion, this day is celebrated as Slovenian Diplomacy Day.

Today, the world is facing multiple and increasingly complex challenges that defy state borders. Established 75 years ago, the UN has proven irreplaceable in responding to such challenges and in resolving global issues.

Convinced that global challenges are best addressed through joint action, which is essential to maintaining and consolidating international peace and security, Slovenia is committed to multilateral cooperation, including within the scope of its EU membership. With this in mind, it is vital that progress builds on respect for human rights and on a comprehensive, inclusive, and sustainable development of our societies.

Co-existence and social development is key, with diplomacy remaining indispensable in seeking and finding the right answers and solutions. International law, which is being developed mostly within the scope of the UN, is vital to these efforts.

Slovenia joins UN Secretary-General António Guterres in his call for a green recovery of our societies and the planet ( It champions the transition to a circular economy, the right to a healthy environment, and water preservation. As regards efforts for a clean environment and against climate change, there is no time to be lost. We must bear in mind that what we do today, together, will shape the life of present and future generations.

The UN should also deal with emerging social phenomena such as digitalisation and AI development. In fact, advanced digital technologies and AI may accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda (

To mark Slovenia's UN membership anniversary and 75 years of the UN, you are invited to join in the global debate on the role of international cooperation in shaping the future we want.