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It is always the right time to feel Slovenia

The Government Communication Office manages the national brand ‘I feel Slovenia’, which represents our country both at home and around the world. Promotional events, campaigns, presentations and performances of Slovenia were commonplace until recently. Due to the current events, we have postponed our planned promotional events, but this does not mean you cannot feel Slovenia in a different way.

Visit our website, read about Slovenia and its people and get inspired. On the website, Slovenia is presented through written stories and video clips, as well as through the national brand "I feel Slovenia". The website is in English and is directed at the foreign public, but that does not mean Slovenes don't find it interesting as well. It is nice to be reminded of everything that makes Slovenia unique and of what we can be proud of.

We publish stories on how to tackle the current situation brought on by the epidemic: find out how the crisis has shown us the real value of what we take for granted, how to invite culture into your home, how to make your cooking cheerful and creative, how to exercise at home together with Slovenian athletes, and more.

Check out our articles about the beautiful green corners of Slovenia, about successful Slovenes, who put our country on the map, about what we Slovenes are proud of and what are our customs.

All this and more at, where you will feel Slovenia.