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The Government steps up the preparation of the first comprehensive legislative package to help the population and the economy

Having carried out the most urgent steps to slow down and contain the coronavirus epidemic, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia is stepping up the preparation of the first extensive legislation package to help the population and the economy.

The Expert Team has been established to assist ministries in the preparation of the first legislative #anti-Corona-package #ACP1 focused on the provision of rapid financial assistance to the population to prevent and mitigate the consequences of the epidemic. The head of the team is Dr Matej Lahovnik.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia will consider and adopt the guidelines for drafting the package at the Monday session. The legislative proposal will be prepared by Friday. The measures foreseen by the guidelines will be promptly coordinated with the key stakeholders.

Last night, the presidents of the coalition parties SDS, SMC, N.Si and Desus coordinated the first orientations that will be part of the proposed #ACP1 guidelines, including the following:

  1. Rewarding of persons employed and activated in sectors that are key to overcome the epidemic (healthcare, Civil Protection, security, critical infrastructure etc.) by increasing their basic salary by between 10% and 200%, based on the decision of their superiors.
  2. Recommendation to employers for a similar approach in their companies, especially trade in basic consumer goods etc.
  3. Method and amount of reimbursement of salaries to employees in companies forced to fully or partially suspend the manufacture or operation because of the epidemic.
  4. 30% reduction of all salaries of state officials at the national level for the duration of the epidemic. Payment of the crisis bonus to pensioners and the most vulnerable groups of the population for the duration of the epidemic.  
  5. Method of assessing the economic damage caused to economic operators by the epidemic, and establishment of a general framework of compensation.

The measures for the #ACP2 for the systemic mitigation of the coronavirus epidemic consequences are being drafted as well.