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The Government proposes to defer payment of borrowers’ liabilities due to epidemic

In order to mitigate the consequences of the epidemic, the Government adopted the proposal for the Act on the Intervention Measure of Deferred Payment of Borrowers’ Liabilities, which allows borrowers not able to settle their loan agreement liabilities due to the negative effects of the epidemic to defer repayment for 12 months.

Minister of Finance Andrej Šircelj

Minister of Finance Andrej Šircelj

The epidemic affects all spheres of life in Slovenia and has led to far-reaching consequences in economic activities, especially in tourism, the catering, retail and processing industries. This calls for further measures to alleviate the situation in the economy and protect the situation of employees. Liquidity problems may even threaten the existence of companies, which subsequently poses a risk for the accumulation of systemic risks that may eventually jeopardise the financial stability of the country.

By adopting the proposal, the Government aims to help resolve the problems faced by companies and individuals operating in the affected industries and which, due to liquidity problems, cannot or will not be able to repay their liabilities to banks in time. Deferring the payment of loan agreement liabilities is one of the measures that will contribute to alleviating the effects of the virus on the economy. The Government adopted the measure to help the economy, thus contributing to the preservation of financial stability. In  these circumstances this will also require the efforts of the financial sector, which is in a position of good liquidity.

Banks will be able to grant the deferred payment of liabilities to companies, cooperatives, natural persons employing other persons, self-employed persons and heads of agricultural holdings with a registered office or permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia. The proposal envisages the deferral of payment of liabilities for 12 months, while banks and borrowers may agree upon different terms of deferral that are more favourable for borrowers. A borrower that is not a large company under the Companies Act and that engages in a business activity for which a government or municipal decree temporarily prohibits the provision of services and sale of goods due to the epidemic will be automatically entitled to deferral.

No additional costs may be incurred by the borrower due to the deferral of payment. An application for the deferral of loan agreement liabilities may be submitted to a bank no later than six months after the declaration of the end of the virus epidemic, and the act shall be valid for 18 months after the end of the epidemic.

The Government will have the opportunity to propose the end of validity to the National Assembly before the expiry of this deadline if the situation improves.