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The Foreign Ministry at MetalDays festival

The Foreign Ministry participates in this year’s MetalDays festival taking place between 21 and 27 July in Tolmin, where it displays in an interactive way key sustainable development messages included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs participates at this year's MetalDays festival in Tolmin | Author Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We should first pursue our own goals in our communities, knowing that we are dependent on each other and that our actions impact the lives of people in other parts of the world, and vice versa. Slovenia, as a responsible and active member of the EU and the international community, contributes to tackling common development challenges.

Sustainable development goals are ambitious and we all, individuals and countries alike, should endeavour to achieve them. Meeting such goals contributes to the eradication of poverty, reduction of inequality and protection of the environment for present and future generations throughout the world.

The Foreign Ministry takes part in the festival in the context of a European Commission project that involves summer festivals in many European countries. The purpose of its participation is raise awareness about the sustainable development goals included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030). The Ministry will target the general public through activities and games in both Slovenian and English, and introduce the efforts of the EU in Slovenia to make the world a fairer and better place. On Thursday, 25 July, the Ministry will be joined by Robert Kranjec, former ski jumper and current ambassador of the sustainable development goals promotion project.

“Small steps can lead to a great trip!" is the slogan that appears on the MetalDays website. The festival received Greener Festival Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018. These recognise the efforts made by festival organisers to reduce the environmental impacts of their activities or, in the case of the MetalDays festival, the steps taken to create a more ecologically and sustainably advanced festival. MetalDays festival has been a member of the Eco Initiative association since 2015.