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If you want to get to know Slovenia, you have to look with the heart

Statistics tell us about both quantity and quality. They also present us with an average, a mean, while building on the diversity of data. But behind all this are stories.

In the latest Sinfo: Typical of Slovenia and Slovenians | Author Tomo Jeseničnik

This time in the latest Sinfo, alongside the adjectives that encapsulate the essence of our stories – excellent, green, original, responsible – we have further reinforced all of the above with jokes and some basic facts about Slovenians. It is right that we as a nation should be conscious of our own value, and it is also right and fitting that we should look at ourselves with humour. Even statistics prove that we Slovenians have more than 100 reasons to be proud of ourselves. We have always belonged in the ranks of the pioneers, and we still do. With pride, then, are we able to show our country, in all its diversity, to those who will visit Slovenia this summer. Including those aspects that are perhaps hidden at first glance.

We will draw attention to unique gastronomic pleasures, original events and artists, hidden jewels of Slovenia, pioneers of science, and sporting heroes. With pride. And of course there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun, since we have plenty of reasons to be happy. Read about what makes a typical Slovenian, although he or she is anything but average, whatever the statistics say. If you want to see the real Slovenia, you have to look with the heart.