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As a signatory to the Geneva Convention and a Member State of the European Union, Slovenia is obliged to offer international protection (asylum) to persons who are not protected in their countries of nationality or permanent residence (country of origin). International protection in the Republic of Slovenia means refugee status and subsidiary protection status.

Application for international protection

You can apply for international protection if you are a foreigner or a stateless person and are being systematically persecuted in your country of origin on account of your political opinion or your religion, race, nationality or ethnic origin. You may also apply for international protection if your return to the country of origin would pose a threat to your life or freedom or may expose you to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Refugee status

Refugee status may be granted to persons who submit well-founded and credible proof of being persecuted in their countries of origin on account of their race, ethnic origin, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. The decision granting refugee status is also valid as a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia as of the day of service.

Subsidiary protection

Subsidiary protection may be granted to persons who do not qualify for refugee status but in respect of whom substantial grounds have been shown for believing that they would face serious harm (death penalty or execution, torture or inhuman or degrading treatment) if returned to their country of origin. Subsidiary protection is also granted on the grounds of a serious and individual threat against the applicant's life or freedom by reason of indiscriminate violence in situations of international or internal armed conflict in the country of origin. The decision granting subsidiary protection is also valid as a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia as of the day of service and for the duration of the protection.

Application procedure

In the shortest time possible after entering the Republic of Slovenia, the foreigner must express the intention to apply for international protection before any public authority or self-governing local community authority. He or she is then processed by the police, who establish his or her identity and the route of entry into the Republic of Slovenia, before transferring him or her to the competent authorities in the Asylum Centre, where he or she files an application for international protection. Prior to filing an application for international protection, the foreigner is duly informed of the procedure and his or her rights in a language he or she understands. The filing of the application for international protection shall take place in the presence of an interpreter as well.