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Office of the State Prosecutor General

The Office of the State Prosecutor General supervises and coordinates the work of 11 district state prosecutors’ offices and the Specialised State Prosecutor’s Office, which deals with the most complex criminal offences.

Together, these offices form the state prosecution service of the Republic of Slovenia, within which state prosecutors, in the context of their main duty of filing and representing criminal charges, are responsible for performing all procedural acts of authorised state prosecutors, direct the police and other competent authorities, apply deferred prosecution and mediation procedures, and perform other tasks in accordance with the act governing criminal procedure.

The Office of the State Prosecutor General has a Director General, who is appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Justice on the proposal of the State Prosecutor General.

In the Republic of Slovenia, state prosecutors operate at four levels: there are local state prosecutors, district state prosecutors, higher state prosecutors and supreme state prosecutors. The term of office of a state prosecutor is permanent.