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National Review Commission for Reviewing Public Procurement Procedures

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The National Review Commission for Reviewing Public Procurement Procedures is an independent and autonomous body that decides on the legality of the awarding of public contracts at all stages of the public procurement procedure.

The National Review Commission implements the most important legal protection measures and, among other things, may dismiss a request for review as unfounded or may grant a request for review and annul the public procurement procedure in full or in part. 

The National Review Commission is composed of a chairman and six members, who are appointed for a term of eight years. The chairman and members are appointed by the National Assembly.

In the review and appeal procedures, decisions are made by a three-member panel of the National Review Commission which is determined by the chairman of the Commission upon receiving a request for a review. Panels do not have a fixed composition; advisors of the National Review Commission, who examine the documents of the case and prepare proposals for decisions, also participate in decision-making on individual cases.