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The Administration Academy organises and conducts a varied programme of training courses and professional examinations for public employees to improve their professional competences, work efficiency, and personal development. We continuously update the contents to match demand, while ensuring that modern forms of training are used.

Training provided on a regular basis:

  • compulsory training for appointment to regulated work position;
  • seminars and workshops (on legislation, civil service system, public finances, data management, acquisition of various skills);
  • foreign language courses.


Project training:

  • workshops in the fields of: administration management training, training of human resources employees, digital competences, integrity in public administration, better regulations, quality and project management, interpersonal skills, well-being, training for senior employees. 


Professional examinations and preparation for them:

  • professional examination in administrative procedure;
  • professional examination for an inspector;
  • examination for conducting and decision-making in minor offence proceedings;
  • professional examination in safety and health at work.