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The Labour Relations and Labour Rights Directorate regulates matters related to:

  • the status, rights and obligations of workers arising from work,
  • collective agreements,
  • the pension and disability insurance scheme, and
  • health and safety at work.

The Directorate’s primary task is to draft legislation and/or implementing regulations relating to the rights and obligations arising from labour relations and to the general working conditions. The Directorate is responsible for monitoring and analysing the conventions and recommendations of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the guidelines and recommendations of the European Union, with the aim of bringing the new legislation in this area as close to the European labour law standards as possible. 

It also draws up opinions on the application of specific legislative provisions in its area of work. The Directorate also performs tasks that refer to expert groundwork and the issue of implementing regulations and standards, monitors and assesses the labour market situation, and subsequently prepares solutions for a uniform regulation of health and safety at work. It is also tasked with the assessment of occupational health risks for workers.