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The Service is tasked with the monitoring, management and coordination of European affairs in its work area. In order to effectively pursue the interests within the competence of the MDDSZ, the Service cooperates at the EU level with other ministries, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, EU institutions, and other bodies and organisations. It steers, coordinates and shapes the Ministry’s final positions on EU legislative proposals that are represented by Slovenia in the working parties of the Council of the European Union, and for this purpose it monitors, coordinates and manages the information support system for decision-making processes relating to legislative and other European Union acts (EU portal). Finally, the Service coordinates the shaping of the Ministry’s positions for the conclusion of trade agreements between the EU and third countries.

The Service:

– provides comprehensive substantive and organisational support to the leadership of the Ministry in EU affairs, in particular for the purpose of the EU Council of Ministers meetings and other events and meetings held either in the context of EU institutions or in association with other Member States;

monitors the transposition of the EU acquis and manages the procedure of notification of internal rules adopted for the transposition of directives into Slovenian law, as well as responses in pre-trial procedures;

works together with intergovernmental commissions for cooperation in employment and social affairs, and with intergovernmental commissions for economic cooperation.