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The Judicial Training Centre (JTC) is part of the Ministry of Justice and is responsible for the initial and continuous training of judges, state prosecutors, state attorneys, judicial assistants, judicial trainees, court clerks as well as court and prosecutorial staff. It also provides compulsory professional training for newly appointed presidents and directors of the courts and heads and directors of the prosecutors’ offices.

The JTC conducts the state legal examinations, provides training and examinations for court interpreters, court experts and court appraisers, enforcement agents, official receivers, mediators and refugee counsellors. It also issues professional legal publications.

The JTC is managed by a director who is a judge, seconded to the JTC for a term of three years.

The Expert Council is a body established to provide expert assistance to the JTC in the implementation of its tasks. The Expert Council has 11 members. The work of the Expert Council is conducted by the Minister of Justice.

The JTC is divided into three divisions: the Division for Initial Training, the Division for Continuous Training and the Division for Organisational Support of Training Events.

The JTC represents Slovenia in various international training organisations and institutions, such as the European Judicial Training Network (since 2008), the Council of Europe, the Academy of European Law, the International Organisation for Judicial Training, and others. It is also responsible for carrying out international exchange programmes for judges, prosecutors, state attorneys and court staff, organising participation of Slovenian judges and prosecutors in international training courses and co-coordinating participation of foreign judges and prosecutors in national training courses on EU law.

JCT divisions