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The Ministry of Justice performs tasks in the following areas: organisation and status of the courts, State Prosecutor’s Office, State Attorney’s Office, Constitutional Court and Ombudsman, supervision of the operation of the State Prosecutor’s Office and State Attorney’s Office and other types of judicial supervision provided by law, and civil and punitive law. It performs the tasks of systemic regulation concerning the limitation of corruption, judicial proceedings, alternative dispute resolution, judicial administration, attorneyship, notariat, enforcement of criminal sanctions, protection of personal data, international legal aid, and international judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters.

It gives directions to the ministries regarding the enforcement of international court judgments and the research and planning of the observance of fundamental human rights and freedoms. It also performs tasks relating to the planning and coordination of the spatial needs of the judicial authorities and the management of investments to meet such needs.

Organisational units of the Ministry

Bodies within the Ministry