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.The Roads and Road Transport Directorate performs expert and administrative tasks related to the development, investment and safety with respect to roads, the toll system in the Republic of Slovenia, and the maintenance and management of road infrastructure. It also carries out tasks related to road transport and logistics.

Among other things, it is responsible for implementing the Development Strategy for Transport and Public Transport Infrastructure, coordinating transport connections with Slovenia's neighbouring countries and within the European Union, monitoring the state of transport infrastructure, traffic flows, activities and trends in the European transport policy.

Furthermore, the Directorate ensures the optimisation of the infrastructure in relation to possible multimodal connections, the preparation of legal bases for the implementation of international road passenger and goods transport and documents relating to road transport, logistics and intermodal transport, the performance of administrative and expert tasks related to the traffic safety of vehicles and drivers, traffic rules participation in drafting EU legislation and transposing it into Slovenia's legislation, and cooperation in international organisations and associations in transport infrastructure and transport of passengers and goods.